June 17, 2012

Photo of the day - Maternity Pictorial

It was my chance to do a maternity pictorial. I was hoping all my equipment could work but I got problems along the way. My model which was my friend too was patient enough to understand what’s going on. Though I got some hurdles knowing how to make it work, I had captured every moment of it. I was happy to get some creative shots. This is also one way of paying her from the baby shower invitations I was not able to attend.
 This was my best shot for capturing silhouette. It was not perfect but not bad for a first timer like me. I didn’t know if I could really make it work since I never practice. I took my chance and sure did I was lucky to get this shot. I did few touches of photo but not too much. I also got the best model. She’s not a professional nor earned anything from it. Her belly looked nice considering she's 37 weeks.

 I like drama and this shot was a success. I wanted more creative shots but my mind wasn’t working too well. It must be the weather and the difficulty I was having with the strobes. I was fighting with my shaking hands as well. The photo was not as sharp as I would want to. Hand held is really difficult. As they say, practice makes it perfect. 

I am so glad that my first try for maternity pictorial was a good one. I hope to get more pictorial some day and hoping could earn something out of it. She already posted the birth announcements which soon to happen in July. It will also be a chance for me to take a photo of her new baby and for the record the baby will be the youngest from my collection. I wouldn’t want to miss that opportunity.

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