November 14, 2012

Camotes Island Experience

Camotes Island is 2 hours away from Danao Cebu. You can go to the island either by a ferry, ro-ro, fastcraft, and a pumpboat just whatever suits your budget. I took a ferry from Jumalia Shipping Lines that left the port at 12noon. The boat arrived at past 2pm in San Francisco. We got out and were directed to a private van by the staff of Mangodlong Paradise Resort. They took us to the resort in silence. Hubby tried a few questions but the staff was not too friendly with us. Maybe it’s the heat or something. There was all silence in the car.
What a scene to enjoy your afternoon?

 Driving by the town and see the street with less graffiti. It was stress free. I am amazed how clean it is. Good job to the people of Camotes. I hope they will instill this value for years and years to come no matter how the progress of the island will going to be in the next decade.

It has been said that this island is the cleanest of all Island. Well, not quite if I compare this to Aruba. Which Aruba itself is a small island but it is super clean. Anyway, if comparison to the islands within the Philippines I would say yes for now. I haven’t seen all of the Philippine islands so there’s no proof to say that it really is. There are more facts and details to discuss on this. I wonder who has traveled the Philippines from top to bottom and would say it in facts. A question it’s hard to tell.
Anyway, my experience in Camotes was pleasant. I had a little tour of the island and saw Timubo Cave, Lake Danao, Esperanza Beach, Bayview, San Francisco town, Santiago bay and apparently it is such a mellow beautiful island.

There are more things the small government of the island needs to do.  One good example is maintaining the road. Not much of a good public transportation yet.  You can ride the motorbike as the local would say it “habal habal”. There are private vans to hire but it’s a matter of if they are around when you need them.

Dirt roads are a pain in the b***. LOL. Hold on to whatever you can grab on. Hahhah… No proper drainage. I haven’t seen anything bad yet but if they can work on it soon, it will be better. Please don’t follow the ways of Cebu City. Bad drainage system, not even have one. Lol! Some concrete/asphalt roads need a lot of TLC.

I am sure one day all of that will be done but it’s up to the government of Camotes how they can work on the budget and it’s progress. I will be positive. I know someday these people can do big things in their own and make the island more interesting to visit.

a very lovely place to hang out and just spend the rest of the day sleeping...

such a view, isn't it?

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