July 22, 2013

Do you have Allergy?

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As spring and summer season arrives, it doesn’t always come with goodness. With the trees and flowers blooming, gardening and bearing fruits, pollen always tend to be spreading like jet stream in the air. Does make some of us who has allergy problem suffers.

People with allergy suffers pretty badly if not handled properly. The survey says 96% suffer from Allergy Face. Watery eyes, red nose and puffy eyes are just a pain to deal with. You don’t want people to see you in that phase. There are ways to improve how we could look when we don’t feel like we don’t look good.  A little cover with some sort of makeup can eliminate some of the problems physically and this is how Allergy Face beauty tips can help you. Of course you have to take something orally like Zyrtec to battle the symptoms and make you feel better. It’s almost always the trick to prevent it, there’s no way around it. But for allergy face is very superficial. With a touch of makeup, it could change your look right away. I am amazed to see that Debra Messing has allergy problems too. You might want to check her out in the video below to see her advice on how she handles her Allergy Face and also Check out Zyrtec on Facebook.

For my beauty tips on how I cover my red nose and puffy eyes, I used concealer on the bridge of the nose. I make sure it blends pretty well with the surrounding skin and for the puffy eyes, a little white shimmery eyeshadow but not too much that you will end up like a disco ball. Lol.. Just a simple swab can do the trick. The rest of the face is much pretty natural a little powder on the face and lip gloss.

If you have allergy problems, I want to know how you guys battle your symptoms and how do you manage Allergy Face. Please comment below and feel free to suggest your techniques and ways if you may.
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