February 9, 2008

Big Buddha, Hongkong

I have traveled to Malaysia, Thailand and Hongkong and it amazes me to see different statues of Buddha. With the recent trip I had in Hongkong, reading with the travel guide brochure I kept while I was there. I was fascinated by the pictures of the tallest bronze Buddha in the world.

The hotel I stayed was located in Wan Chai. By getting to see the Buddha, I took the train 45 minutes and rode the cable car. Along with the journey, it was cold and breezy. The clothes I wore was not thick enough. It was a tough battle over the weathers condition. But thinking about to see another scenery, I pushed myself and the excitement lead me to saw it in my very own two eyes.

Up there the temperature is very different in land. Foggy and very very cold. People were dressed up properly and I wore only sweatshirts freezing to death. I bought a hot chocolate at one of the coffee shops and it did help in some way. Walking the stairs of 236 steps with latitude going down it's breath catching. I stopped most of the time and I let my hubby took some pictures to get us something to do while resting. Surviving on top, see the view, the Buddha and different statues surrounding was heavenly.


mylou said...

Wow! wish someday I could go there too... glad you survived the coldness i'm sure if it was me, i'll be dead by then hehehehe.


It was hard. I thought I could get hypothermia up there. It was freezing cold. It's a good thing, I did survive...someday you will be able to travel the places you want to visit. Save and be patient.