February 10, 2008

Watch the Show

Earlier today, nothing fun to do. I was doing laundry and hubby did some laundry too at the other location. So we were emptying our basket full of dirty clothes. We achieved majority of it and left some that were needed to wash by hands. I must need to do that sometime this week.

After all of that, just waiting for the time. Hubby decided to have his hair cut at Supercut in Mountainview. I asked him that I would want to go with him and have my hair trim. We went there late for our scheduled time but there was not any other customer in site so our timing was good. He had it first and I was right after him.

We got home to changed clothes and straight to HP Pavilion to watched the Stars on Ice. We were first to arrived. I sent a text to the girls and got a replied they were coming. Few minutes after, I got a hug from Josie, Lalai, Suzzy and Ji-ann were the last person to arrived. We had a great time at the show and we were also amazed of taking some pictures. I will post later when I got the time to edit and upload it. I also have a video of Sasha Cohen. She's my idol. Until next day, see me again here.


Summer said...

Wala bang tagboard dito, inconvenient sa mga visitors pag sa comment pa sila magta-tag.

Salamat pala sa dalaw, sure exchange links tau. N alinked na kita sis.


hello sis..di mo pala nakita ang chat board ko.