February 11, 2008

Looking for a better future

When I was younger, I often dream to come to the USA to work, earn money, save and return to Philippines to create business or make an investment. I made a lot of creative thinking just to get to the country. But fate changed my perspective, it lead me to find my true love living in the USA. It was by mere luck or I should say I was fortunate enough.

My husband and I got engaged Dec 2004, got married September 2005 and renew our vows Feb 2006 in the Philippines. Our lives changed but in a positive way. We are still in our adjustment years and pretty much we get along well. There are hindrances and trials had been in our way and thank God we patched it up.

Right now, we are thinking of our future together. We have a limit to the number of years we will be staying in the US. It’s a twist of fate then right? Well, we make compromises on our plan and it’s better that we will live somewhere where cost of living is not a big issue whereas here in the US, a lot of bills that you need to work on. To find work is much easier but you will be working so hard. In the Philippines life is hard but it’s very relaxing. It is the price living in the 3rd world country.

So to meet up all of that, we need to find a piece of land. Build a family, home, make a little business, and retire when we can achieve all of it. We have to start to make the sacrifices now. We don't want to have more regrets in the future and not trying to make up to our expectations. Living the day as it goes without caring to think about a better life, is not the solution. Less of a headache at the moment, but it will be a living hell later. I rather want to do it now and hope in God’s mercy, he will guide me and hubby to fulfill our goals.

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