February 11, 2008


I am just a starter to blogging but I am not new to writing. I like to compose letters or just say anything I want to say. The more I could get thrilled if there's any interesting event and occasion that is happening. Many of my friends loves to write and every time I have the chance to visit their page, I always get something out of it and they blog for money.

Recently, I joined Smorty. I was convinced through a friend and these days she's busy doing her task and meeting all the requirements. It's so fun to spend your time thinking and writing it down and you will get paid to blog. I didn't know that you can get paid for blogging until my friend told me that she was paid for real.

There is also a marketing structure from Smorty for blog advertising. They promote newly products from different companies and it's helping to build traffic. It is also one way of advertising your website to others. You can advertise on blogs on whatever lay out, theme, and format setting. It will test your creativity in words and graphic designs. It is very challenging and I am glad I started this and being part of the community.

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