February 4, 2008

Coffee Lover

I am not very fond of coffee when I was growing up. The only moment I would want one was when I attend awake over a death of a family. I am not used to liking the bitter taste. Other than that it is either water, milk, juice or soda that I will drink.

When Nescafe made variety of flavor. I learned to experience how good it is. It's not everyday I will look for a sip of its taste. Of course, there is still the preference of the native hot chocolate with "suman" and mango. One of the Filipino food I love and my mom had it in our table when I got to Cebu just a few weeks ago. With this trip, though my mom laid the sachet of Nescafe on the table, I didn't bother to fix myself the drink. I indulged to water. It's very dehydrating with a hot and humid weather. A mixture of sugar would messed me up and it did eventually.

I grow to love coffee when I worked at City Sports Club in Cebu. We had a concessionaire there renting and one of the best coffee maker in Cebu Bo's. I love their ice blended coffee. Many times I talked to their employee and had a free drinks almost everyday. I had to taste them once again last Jan 29 when I spent with hubby and his cousin at SM and I had my coffee mocha. So yummy!

Today here in the US. I always go for Starbucks or any other coffee shops. As long as its coffee mocha. It would be heavenly. I just noticed one thing. The whip cream used by Starbucks would messed me up. I ordered last Sunday with none of it. I felt fine. Also when I tried with other coffee shops with whip creams I felt fine. It must be the content of that product they used my body wouldn't want it. With that findings, hopefully it is the real cause. I will not be hesitant to go buy more coffee's with them and no whip creams.

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