February 23, 2008

Hoping for solution

I woke up too early today. I could need more sleep and since its a weekend I need more than that. My mind just can't hold it no more and it makes me think a lot of things. Even if I wanted to lay more in the bed with my husband who was at the time where asleep deep, I just get up and all I did to open my laptop and checked the software I have from Nokia.

All night yesterday, I was into looking for a solution to synchronized my phone and transfer music from my pc and it gave me a hard time analyzing the program. Until I got frustrated past 12midnight, I rest to sleep devastated. And today, I was hoping to get it right but it still didn't work out. I am so glad hubby called within that time. He was outside do some shopping and he was on the phone with me checking whether I want to do something else today or if I want something. I just told him to do some food shopping for me and requested some items. When he got home, I told him about what's going on and he offered to help. But I told him not today, I got too much of it already and another time will be good than forcing myself to resolve the misconfiguration.


Anonymous said...

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