February 24, 2008

Dinner with Friends

I received a text saturday morning from Lorie for a dinner. I didn't send her a text for a reply but I made a reply to one of my friend's website about me coming for the party. Ji-ann left me a message saying she did receive the message too and thinking she might joined. I called to follow up her call and she was not too sure yet.

Hubby droved me to Oakridge mall where PF Chang restaurant is. I received a message from Ji-ann that she's already in the parking lot. I sent her a message that I am almost there. I came up to the restaurant without my hubby and see the girls with Dino and Jeff. Josie told me to call Joey and told him to come back. I called hubby to check with him but his on the road already and refused to go back.

We had started our dinner with a soup, appetizer and a very good entree. For chinese cuisine, PF Chang is on top of my list. I had a great time with friends and of course being there to celebrate with the birthday celebrant Lalai.

Below are the pictures of the said party. with the birthday Celebrant

with friends

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