February 25, 2008

I was surprise Again!

I got home fast after work to prepare my clothes for tonight's dinner at San Francisco. I busied myself pressing my clothes and pressed the clothes for my work tomorrow too. I always have it ready everyday. I wish I have more space in my closet but I have no choice but to sacrifice for now until we can find a bigger space.

Past 6pm I watched the time passed by. Hubby told me expected to be home before 6:30pm. So I just open my laptop and check on my built-in camera. I was having a great time just making faces and saving it. 10mins after, I heard the door and hubby greeted me hello and he was carrying a bouquet of white roses. I was so happy when I see him and the gift he presented to me.

We droved to Pier 39, arrived exactly 7:30pm where hubby made a reservation at the "Fog House restaurant". It is cozy, lights to see over the harbor and it is romantic setting. I held his hand and said thank you. He answered me a warmth of a welcome and I asked for a kiss. It was nice dinner, we had started with a clam chowder soup, crab cake for appetizer, lobster tail for hubby and I had prawn brochette. We matched it with my hubby's chardonnay and I had my sunset mimosa. We had no room for dessert so we skipped it for the night. Before we paid our bills, hubby told he got a surprise and handed me a box. It was a princess cut small size earrings. He is so full of surprises. Every time he did that, it made me smile.Bouquet of white roses

Diamond stud earrings

Fog House Restaurant


ring-my-Belle said...

Happy Anniversary!!!! :)

lira said...

soo sweet...you're so pretty...like you smile


thanks for the visit and the compliment.

maya said...

Both of you look so happy.
beautiful to look at.
BTW, i been scrolling to your blog. Keep it up.

ps,thanks for the visit & comment too.