February 28, 2008

Thinking about school

Working right now is great. I have a job, work with people that are nice, and a friendly environment. It’s not enough I should say to where I am now. I am appreciative of the people who hired me and it’s my great privilege to be able to get an experience and gain knowledge. Somehow, it isn't just enough for me. A part of me is looking for a better edge. The work I’m doing doesn’t co-relate my educational background.

I am thinking right now to enroll another program that could improve to market myself from the work force. I know the economy is off and it’s not a better time to quit my job and look for another one. I would not certainly do that. I would hold on to it until I can finish my school at the same time. If the company would endorse me to another department, it will be great but if not I will be looking for something else in the near future.

The field of studies I am considering into getting is medical billing or getting the accounting certificate of proficiency. The latter is much better of an option since I have a degree on that. You might ask why I have to take another certificate when I have a 4 year degree already. I just need to enhance what I’ve learned, improvise and get more skills on that. I think the years I did in school before was not pretty much too serious so I missed a lot of things to gain. With this assumption of getting this field again, it will by some means give me additional knowledge. I will try to check it out tomorrow in one of the community college nearby if my 2 options can be reconsidered.

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