February 21, 2008

Was bothered

I worked so hard at my job that at busy times I could get my ears too hot and I could even get a headache for too much time conversing with calls. In every report that was handed to me, I do always follow instructions. My boss was kind of questioning on the accuracy of the data’s I analyzed for the past week. It bugged me. I wondered myself what did I do wrong. I found it out and it seemed I need to be more resourceful if situation is unlikely. The last week routes were kind off the record. Mechanical problem of the trucks and the route schedules were messed up. I tried so very hard that week to resolve any discrepancies on the report. Only then to find out, my judgment were questioned. It pissed me off. I didn’t show it to him but I was affected.

All night and early today, my mind was at the reports errors and I wasn’t very happy about that. Unexpectedly with my surprise, he came to show early. He came to me and asked me some personal questions. Maybe he had noticed I was bothered about it. I just pretend I was fine but it helped me though eased my concerns towards him.

I found another report yesterday that was misleading and I asked every person concern on the details but no one can gave me a better way to resolve it so I just make my own solution. I told him about what’s going on and he trusted my judgment. I hope yesterday’s report will not come back to me again. I hate doing it and being questioned.

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