March 2, 2008

The boy with theTalent

I haven't seen American Idol for the past year. I am sure you would ask, What? My husband doesn't like hearing many out of tune people sing live and it pisses off his day or time. I would agree with that in some way but somehow if his not around I will try to look for shows that connects with music and talent. Out of my curiosity at this time, since I don't have any idea who's the line up or the contestants right now aspiring for stardom, I searched at youtube. I came across with this talent, David Archuleta. I agree he will be the next American Idol or if not he will be a star someday. His voice and his charm can capture many fans. I am musically incline person and just hearing him sing is one the best voice talent I've heard when it comes to Men. His still very young and he can still improve more. His gifted and I like him.

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