March 3, 2008


All day yesterday I spent my day just browsing and reading the web and didn’t do much productively. Later in the afternoon, when my husband came home from the barber where he got his haircut I told him I wanted some refreshment like gelato ice cream perhaps. He told me to go get it at the corner of Flora Vista. A tiny shop near Wallgreens and they sell gelato ice cream. I tried it once but it was not authenticate italian so I prefer to look for something else.

He searched and found a place in Mountainview and it is called Gelato Classic. I am thrilled. We went to do some house search first in some parts of Newark just to look around the place and the neighborhood. The 2 house we went to is not the kind of house and neighborhood we wanted to live so it was not fulfilling to drive all the way there.

We stopped at Gelato Classic 1 hour after to get our ice cream. It was a long wait. The old italian man was alone doing all the work. We patiently wait for our turn. I got a small cup for Crème Brulee and my husband got a sorbet of raspberry and strawberry. It was so good. From now on, that will be my place for gelato.

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