March 20, 2008

Holy Week

This is the time to repent and the time to reflect the things we did. Since I got here in the USA, the meaning of Holy Week does no longer as important as traditionally been doing in the PI. My belief hasn't changed only the practiced of not having the time to reflect and give importance on the death of our Almighty. Supposed to be a no work in PI this week but here in the US, you will be working so hard to earn a living. There's no way you can avoid not working because Lent is not practiced here. The thing that makes it have a meaning is that Easter Egg Hunting on Sunday. Aside from that, for me Easter has no meaning here.

I would want to commemorate the week getting to church on Friday, fasting and eat only meat on Sunday but right now my fridge is filled with red meat so there's no way I can do fasting. I had my frozen tempura maybe I can do cook that today and will bring some at work tomorrow for lunch. Since I will be working tomorrow that could be my only way of showing my devotion for Easter. Life here just make me change somehow.

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lyn said...

Christian school dai kay wala klasi kay mag celebrate man sila pareha sa ato