March 18, 2008

My not so type Hygienist

I had my dental appointment today at 8:30am. I requested a time off from work and my boss was pretty much flexible. I arrived at the clinic 10mins before the schedule. I greeted Robin the front desk hello and she seemed uptight since she was talking on the phone with a persistent patient. A few minutes later, Gretha came and said hello. She told me to go to the xray room. I need to have my teeth examine again. Every year, they need to check on the condition of my gums and roots. Everything is fine and so she proceed to have my teeth cleaned. Oh man, I almost wanted to cry. She tortured me with her heavy hands and not so sensitive with me. I was bleeding hard and I can taste my blood. I even saw some spots of blood from the bib. When she was done, I gargled with listerine and I can see blood when I spitted. It was a terrible day with her. The last hygienist was more better than her. I didn't bleed that much.

Doctor Alvaro did check and re-examine. She said my gums are healthy and the rest of the teeth are fine except the small crack on my upper left first molar. It was from the filling and perhaps I cracked it when I ate hard stuff. So I was advised to make another appointment. I hate going up there because it is too far and I need to stay up early. Anyway, I did schedule my appointment next month and my next dental cleaning will be this August.

When I arrived, I got a message from Robin. She left a message that she was wrong on my date. I should suppose to go visit the clinic the following 6 months. I didn't care less when she made my schedule because that time I was in pain. So until September then and I need to call her tomorrow and set up the date.


Lulu said...

sorry to hear about your dentist dai. karon pa ko gaparamdam kay nasakpan na pud ko sa flu balik. hahay

ring-my-Belle said...

ako pod kay may dental schedule on monday, my very first time intawon mag pa dental diri. Na shock man ko pag ingon nila na e xray sa bag-o cleaning, kay sa ato sa pinas deretso limyo lang man ang mga dentista.. hehe


Dai Wella.hope you will get better. Ana lagi jud nang flu sige ra balik balik. Atong lawas dugay ma immune. Mao to akoa pud. pero karon so far im good na jud....take it easy dha dai.


Karon pa diay ka magpadental. Na pwerting kapoya jd og hasol. heheeh! I started seeing ortho and dentist since I got here pag 2005. every yr makigkita jud ta kay e-examine jud. pwerting daghana kuti oi. dako kayo damage sa budget kay dental work pwerting mahala. mayo nalang kay mana ko sa mga filling and everything. pero naa pay sunod na big project aning ngipon nako pero later na og may extra money kay gasto pa braces man gud.

lyn said...

important gyud ang ngipon dinhi bisan mahal hehheeh ako gali ya salamt nalang ko mana akung braces Im dealing with the retainer nalang gyud sos every 3 months gyud pa cleaning unya every 2 months ang pa tight paita lagi mahal pa bayad sakit pa gyud hay life