March 7, 2008

Just about anything

It's Friday and my time of day to relax at home, do chores, fix food for hubby, run some errands, and a lot more. Today could be my busiest day but I always wanted to make sure my blog is updated with just anything. The good thing about having your own site is that no one can tell you what to write or push you not to write about something. It is fun. You will learn a lot of things.

Writing has been not my strength. When I started working just 2 weeks after graduation, my boss told me to write minutes of the meeting. I was so scared to death to present it when I made it. The one thing I was blessed that time. My boss appraised me with so much confidence that I started to move on and learned from that day. I used it for my advantage, joined the fun of internet when it was the dot com period. I had made couple of friends online, exchanging emails, and it was a very wonderful experience.

Before I used journal, now I am using the internet to keep my memories in place. I had it stored in one of the website. Remembering it now, I haven't updated it which could be one of my task today. Well, I just don't want to spend my time here. Need to do something else. See you some couple of hours? Lol.

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