March 25, 2008

Look as if Busy

My plan of tendering my resignation was changed. My boss greeted me Monday with asking how was my weekend. I can see the look at his face towards me were very concerned. At that instant, I am touched at the same time I was holding back my feelings. The phone line was busy. It was just me and Liz. So didn't talk to him like I had planned. I waited some time hoping to talk but then he got so busy and I can't stay away from the phone. He left after my lunch break and I planned maybe another day.

Today is the day, but I've changed my mind. I came to his office in the morning greeted him and we talked very casually. He told me that I am doing well with the job and he fully understand my weakness. Geez! It relieved my worries. I accepted the other task that I will going to do in addition to my work load and he will train me this coming days. It's logistic and analysis of scheduling. I don't know if I can handle that but I will try my best.

I tried to really get busy today as much possible as I can and ask the director and my boss if they need something for me to do. I look busy and I want to get busy. I hope I could have more task that I will gonna love doing soon.

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