April 5, 2008

Building a Family

Lately, with me having stomach problem and good appetite my hubby was asking me whether I am pregnant. It just make me smile. No way that I could be pregnant as far I know but not too certain at the moment. But I am definite I am not since I have symptoms of early sickness before my period comes. Just thinking about my hubby asking me that question, I would assume that his ready or willing now to have us build or start our family. It is very nice that his thinking of that and with me thinking about him I am happy but I am more anxious and afraid of the responsibility if we will have children. I guess if things would work out this year, we will start planning for next year. An idea that I am not hundred percent sure I could be ready. If it's God will and it will be my time, perhaps it will happen. I will just cross my finger and hope for the best.

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