April 3, 2008

A project

I have been starting this project that the director of the company wanted me to do. Its researching on the dry cleaners in the bay area. Once I get all of the information, I will do mail merge which my boss taught me how to do it last week. Probably that could be the start why he let me do it because of this project. I tell you it makes me dizzy researching and typing all of the names and addresses. I like it because I have something to do but it's just makes me dizzy while joggling the phone calls too and scheduling pick ups. I would still appreciate it that the job was given to me so I have something to do while the company is not picking up many calls. But I tell you, if there's could just one specific company out there that I could be interested working I have resigned in a flash. I just hold it for now, since my boss is sensitive to me. Wish things can work out long term.

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