April 2, 2008

Karaoke on the Loose

My virtual friends at multiply is crazy right now with the karaoke online and posted version of their songs. It is very wholesome to join. Well of course, if you are into karaoke or at least you are a musically incline person you could have a lot of fun. I myself love to sing in Karaoke. I am not really a good singer but I can hit some notes not as high as I would have imagine. I am just an average. I received some comments that I should not just sing at the bathroom but have to let it out and show it. Of course out of my curiosity before, I joined my brother’s band for a year in Cebu, Philippines. I thought I could expect to be more progressive but in some way it was just not meant to be. Somehow the band disbanded after I left and the rest of the group had already a member of different bands and others changed their areas of interest either personal or career wise.
Here is my sample version:
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1 comment:

Joy said...

chada xa-try daw ko if i have time hahah to listen my voice kng yabag ba ko lol