April 19, 2008

Pass up an Invitation

I miss all my friends in the bay area. I wanted to spend time with them and have all the fun and laughter I could get. My time these days doesn’t synchronize all the parties and events that my friends are involved in and I really don’t want to let pass each one of them. I am disgusted with all the hectic schedules lately especially now that I need to think about running a business. It is not much, just to start small. It’s not even a great business idea but wanting to start something. I just want to start it doing something small than not doing at all or not even trying. In the future it can be helpful and having extra income will be a bonus.

My thoughts and time are usually spent on ways to get in there and knowing my suppliers and products that I want. I hope I can achieve getting all the papers and document that must need to be done so I can move on and start to get really busy with it. It is not because of this I would want to skip my friend’s fun time. It’s just time won’t permit me to do it. Today, I wanted to go to attend a party for a very nice girl that I know but then Joey had made a plan to visit our tenant and fix our house. So right there and then, I turned down my excitement. This is a business thing that’s needs to be done and get prioritized on. Another missed opportunity of getting the fun. I hope there will not be another failing event in the near days ahead. I miss my friends so much.

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