April 22, 2008

Wedding Dress

A wedding is the most important part of a woman’s life. We are planning several things to make this event more meaningful. But the most major aspect of the wedding is to wear a dress that signifies beauty. They said the bride is the most beautiful person there is in a wedding so having a dream wedding dress are concentrated upon by many.

I had made to design my own but with unfortunate time I had to cut down some of the patterns to go along for the limited of work there is to make it. The original design could have been more embroidery with touches of red accent of flowers from the upper tube and the tail of the dress. It also could have more bead works to make it sparkle emphasizing the pattern.

One day I got a call from my dressmaker 2 weeks before I need to get the wedding dress done. The dress already cut but the embroidery and beading wasn’t done yet. The person who supposedly contracted should have made it but with a death of a loved one the work was canceled for weeks. I was devastated. It was stressing me a whole lot. With time restriction, my dressmaker and I were redesigning it to make it simple and elegant as best as it can be made. We found another person to do the embroidery and bead works and bought premade lace to attach to the tail. I am not so thrilled over the finish product but at least in some way it looks decent and elegant when I had it worn and in fact used it twice for my wedding in New Jersey and Cebu.

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