May 9, 2008

4 Things About Me

I haven't checked my friends site lately but now I got the chance so I grab this from my good friend Joy. These are the 4 things that you may or may not know of me.

4 Jobs I’ve had in my life:
1. Admin Assistant
2. Outlet Cashier/Front Desk
3. Canteen Concessionaire
4. A/R Analyst

4 Shows I’d DVR(Tivo)
1. American Top Model
2. History Channel
3. Food Bizzare
4. Food Network

4 Places I’ve Been
1. Mexico
2. Macau
3. Hongkong
4. Thailand

4 Favorite Foods
1. Italian cuisine
2. Filipino food
3. Chocolate - candy, milk shake, cake, fudge
4. Chips

Just a few things to know about me, I am tagging Hazel, Resebel and Belle.


ring-my-Belle said...

HI Roche, thank you for tagging me again. I will surely post this tag on my site later, okay? Thanks again. Have a nice weekends.


Hi Belle,
Thanks for dropping by. have a good weekend!

hazelicious929 said...

oist! I just read this one Roche... I will do it later ha, shower sa ko, hehehe