May 9, 2008

Not at ease

I don't feel so good yesterday with the luck of sleep and so much things going on in my mind. I want to avoid what's the major cause that bothers me but will just maybe talk a few. This past few days we had a meeting in the company. One of my associate was stressing on some points of our system and making suggestions. When she was talking it was like it was addressed to me. I was thinking that with my help her work could be so tough on her and her she goes impressing the boss makes me the villain. Majority of the errors doesn't come from me but the other associate said something and accepted the fault. But this girl is so close with the boss, it all comes down to me. It was very irritating in my part to just listened there.

I talked to my husband when he got home from work. I told him I am overly stressed with my job and the treatment that I get. He said to not pushed myself when I am not happy and not feel so comfortable working.

My boss talked to me today. He wanted more of me to be productive and assertive. He wants me to think of ways I can do to help our system or make suggestions to make the working environment more desirable to work. Hearing that from him, I said to myself why can't he make that his the manager. That is his job. Is he running out of creativity in his mind, that he wants his subordinates do the job for him? For me, I don't want to do something more. I don't get the advantage. The treatment I get from them doesn't even makes me feel good anyway. How would be I so confident to give them the best benefit? I can only count now the months that I will gonna stay. In fact my boss told me that he can't rely on me that I will stay longer in the company. He said I am overqualified to the job and I can easily find a better paying job. To listened to that statement, that's offensive but I took it with an open mind.

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