May 7, 2008

New Discovery

I love to shop but not shopping around not buying anything. I dont have so much tolerance spending my time inside the store. Maybe, I am not the typical girl who can waste a day to shop. When I shop, I buy. I dont spend my time in the mall configuring what items to buy. I want it to be in the most convenience distance as possible. I am not so fun of browsing from stores to stores especially my toes will easily get tired. I avoid to shop without having a list on my hand or somewhere else. That could ruin my entire day just for the intension of shopping.

Right now with a busy career and personal life to take care, sometimes we cant attend to do it. I, myself take consideration of shopping online. I had times when I already made purchases online. It is very convenient for me just to sit at home browsing stores. All it requires is just a click and a card.

I bumped across this website Shopwiki. First look at it, very friendly, concise and theres so much information you can get. I love on the clothing section. It has some articles on fashion guide. I am always keen on knowing whats the latest trends and that particular section is really captivated my attention. There are many categories if you want to read about it. Everything is listed there and the shopping can be more fun. There are just also one thing that gets me into the site is the book section. I am fun reading photography articles it does help me find something what I need. The shopping area gives me so much to think about which store to go and its very well informative. This site is another one good example of making the consumer gets the comfort of time to spend the day shopping online.


hazelicious929 said...

its fun to go shopping man gud Roche if naa ka kauban, ayaw pagshopping kanang you are alone...hehehe, enjoy being a girl Roche!


Roche, enjoy shopping. For me i would love to window shop. Sometimes lucky have sales in different good quality clothings. Of course if groceries i need to have a list.


It is really nice to shop when you dont care on how much you spend. LOL! that's why its better to have some lists ready so you could tell if you are overboard and wont worry after. lol! I love to shop for ideas of fashion. its fascinating.