May 7, 2008

On Training

I arrived 5 minutes before my scheduled time. My boss just droved passed me at the parking lot. We arrived at the same time. It's not very usual for him to be up that very early. He came to me and greeted good morning. I asked him how's he doing and his okay. He told me he had slept early last time so he got more energy to wake up that early and be at work early. Good job for him. It's better to have him around especially if there's really a need for him and most times his been gone.

Anyway, it's quite a slow day today. So I went to his office and asked for duties. For my surprise, he gave to me the task already that was part of the plan he was thinking to let me work on. I wasn't prepared to listen with all ears but I think I did get all of what he was explaining though sometimes I don't like the way he explain things. His not bad but sometimes I just want it short cut. Maybe, I am too anxious.

The task was setting up a route schedule. My poor geography will be a test now. I will be on training with this but only up to this day. He will let me do it for myself for the month starting on June and will do that tomorrow. I did have set one week schedule today before I left to go home. I will talk to him tomorrow whether my planning is okay.


hazelicious929 said... will have a good job Roche, just work on it more... try dai...


oh mapquest does only little for this one dai maybe just a scope of the entire city... lahi man ni sya. entire scheduling man sa amo trucking for a month. it needs analysis og logical thinking og unsay dapat e schedule per day how many trucks and what area. mao na sya.