May 22, 2008

Feeling Low

There's only a few who knows what I am feeling at this time. You know who you are. I wanna thank you for the kind heart to understand on the things that I am going through. It's rare to find people who is genuinely will be there to support and no doubt with no hesitation to give comfort.

Some changes will be made in the days ahead. I don't wanna do it. It's hard to put all the good memories away but I believe life at this time has the purpose. I already know from the start that it will happen and only time can tell when. Why is this happening to people who's only intension is to be accepted and be loved?

With my frustration, I will unwind myself to see LA. I know I can get a good advice from my dear cousin. I am hoping for a good trip this weekend and overcome my sadness away.


felicityme said...

cheer up pretty lady ;) i have an award for u, grab it if u get a chance ;)

Lulu said...

new rochoe na pud ka dai...sad to know how u feel lately dai. just don't force yourself dai kay ikaw ray masakitan...bag-ong roche na pud ka ron dai. hahaha...from jane na nga word ha


hhahahah yes dai from Jane jud na nga statement, new Roche pero ambot lang maloloy.on ra ba ko.