May 21, 2008

No fun but ok

Work is been okay for the past few days except last week’s Monday. It was terrible I feel like quitting on the spot. If not for the director’s encouragement and kind heart I could not survive in the company. I haven’t submitted my resignation yet but it will come. I am just finishing my job what the director told me to do so. This project involves a waiting period before we could start on and settle on it. I wanted to leave the company when the proposal is working or if not at least I could have finished doing what I must need to do. As long as this boss of mine will not keep on jumping guns on me, I could be fine. Leaving a company is not so great and I want to make sure that if I leave I made all projects and responsibility done. I need that good recommendation from the director since this is my very first job.

No fun today but it’s an okay feeling to work with no boss pressuring. But tomorrow will be a busy day for me since I will do 1 week route schedule for the month of June. It is a challenging responsibility to set up a schedule for each location in a given day. My analytical skill is measured on this. I was very scared at first if I can really do it especially you need to use your brain and judgment. I just want to do the job that’s very typical but my boss wants me to do something else so he gave me this task. I like it because it will add up my other skills. I wonder what other thing I could do to help them but more with helping myself to improve on other skills. It’s quite a difficult thing to find something you don’t know that might help you to become a better employee.

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Resebel's said...

You sure can do it mareng oi, kaw pa! I know how far you can do things and succeed..hehehe, miga ta peace!..bitaw, good luck on that work nimo will surely be more comfy and successful than this one..