May 20, 2008

Plans for the weekend

This is not yet definite but I am thinking of visiting my cool friends in LA. Joey and I will just drive down there for 8 hours maybe or so. I miss them so much. Jennifer and Sherry were both of my classmate in high school. For sometime, our path didn't cross after high school but we did meet again before we arrived here in the US. I met Sherry in Lapu-lapu while I was managing a cafeteria in FCS Mepza I year 2001. I saw her once then one thing I know after she flew to New York. On the other hand, Jennifer and I crossed our path through her husband. He is one of my friend in the town where I grow up in Talisay. He told me about her and then we met again. Jennifer and I opened our line of communication by chatting and talking over the phone until we both came her almost at the same time in 2005. She stayed at first in Salinas then moved to LA. Sherry did move last year also in LA and they became neighbors. My mind started to think about them and wanting to see them this weekend. I will try to check first with their schedule if they're able to make it to see me too.

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felicityme said...

ill be going to LA too :) have a happy weekend