May 19, 2008

Olive Garden

Eating Italian food wasn’t my thing before. I don’t like to eat pasta. It is not because it wasn’t good but on the way I was introduced with pasta back home in the Philippines. Looking back, when I think about Italian it is pizza and spaghetti. I have no idea the many delicious menus you can get from it. Just having the common Filipino dishes on plate, my palate wasn’t explored and tested.

I happen to eat Italian by forced was when my friend Rose from San Jose invited me for lunch few years ago. She took me to Olive Garden in Palo Alto. I know nothing about Italian so I just did go something that I know I am very certain that I could like was to get some seafood on. I ordered Seafood Portofino. It gave me the sense that Italian wasn’t so bad at all. Thinking of all the years I spent just eating the same food, I missed a lot of delicious and exquisite meals.

My hubby was thankful that through Rose, I learned to like Italian and it made my favorite cuisine. I am hoping that someday I wish I can visit Italy. I know it is one of the best cuisines in the world. I can only imagine visiting the country and eating my favorite dish. Just a wishful thinking!


hazelicious929 said...

I love Italian food Roche! super yummy, my specialty in cooking is mostly pasta, hehehe love it so much


me too Haze I love it now. I dont cook so much pasta though but im an eater. eheheh