May 26, 2008

The morning after

written: May 24th 11:10am Denny's

I had slept just a few hours where Joe was restless he can't fall asleep no matter how tired he is. Exhausted as he is we started our day. I can understand his cranky today. Not getting enough sleep can ruin your day but this is an adventure, we need to move on. This trip is been a long drive for us. We don't drive of more than 4 hours so with how long this could be it will affect us emotionally.

The plan was I will drive with the remaining hours but instead I just drove to Denny's 3 minutes drive from the hotel and the rest Joey did it. The city drive is crazy so Joey wants to drive. I am not too often to drive in big cities and I couldn't expect my driving to be very good so he pushed himself to do it. While we were still in the car, I texted my cousin that we will be in his place few hours and he called back excited to see us.

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