May 26, 2008

On the Road

written: May 23rd

Not as expected, we left the house at 8pm. Went to the nearest gas station pumped the tank in full. Gas prices these days sky rocketed. A main concern for the many users like us but these road trip will give us more bargain than getting the last minute flight which is too way on the top. This has been the longest road travel we will have.

So far at this point it's 12:55 midnight. We stopped at Kern county in Motel 6. Joey is too sleepy he can't drive further to Bakersfield. Decided a night over at this hotel will be safer of him than pushing himself to drive more. I can't drive at night with the gusty wind of 40mph is unsafe for me to take over his place. We will need another 2 1/2 hour to see my cousin Dennis in Hollywood.

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