May 6, 2008

Too much of a Drink

I love coffee especially Frapuccino at Starbucks. Today was kind of tiring for me. I couldn't count as to how much yawning I did the whole morning and early afternoon. My eyes were kind of tired and if not working I could have gone to bed and sleep. The reason for my being tired was the thing I am hooked into this past days. I am learning to edit pictures with photoshop. I begun liking it. I can't stay away from my pc just learning it. So it strained my eyes.

Liz had a break time at 1:30 and she asked us if we want to have some coffee. Kristal wanted some Frapuccino and I can't stop myself too so I did join to have my mocha too. So I drink and the coffee gives me a feeling of being weird. I feel nervous and my hands are shaking. I know too much can give me this and I should have get the tall. Hard headed as I was now I am feeling weird.


lyn said...

same here, I like mocha frap bisan tugnaw mao lang gihapon akung paliton.


i like nespresso! but i dont drink coffee that much. I prefer tea.anyway, kumusta naman ka? hope to see you in my site. Takecare


lagi ya Lyn, bisag tugnaw lami man gud no. adik na ko ani since pinas pa. na hunong og kadyot pero karon balik na pud.