May 5, 2008

Start of the week

When it's monday at work I would assume busy. The phone keeps on ringing. It will be non-stop but surprisingly for a monday it wasn't. Liz came at 9 I was expecting a lot of voice messages over the weekend but it wasn't either. We divided all the calls and we did it fast. I love it that way. Much easier to do and the load can be easier.

I just got busy when I almost left the building when my boss sent me an email letting me know about the meeting tomorrow. I wasn't prepared so I made all my reports today while joggling the calls. I made it and tomorrow I will be ready for the meeting. I don't want to go in a meeting empty handed. My boss is cool and the rest of my co-worker too is cool with me. It will be just talk and chitchat tomorrow. Hopefully just 30mins to an hour. It will be quite boring when it's too long.

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