May 4, 2008

Good Time

The party last night was fun. I have seen my friends again. It is so nice to be with them. Your day will be longer with them for they're so cheerful, full of exciting stories, giggling ways and a lot more.

We arrived at Ji-ann's place past 4pm. When entered their place, I see Lyn with baby, Reyn with baby, Lalai with Flor's baby boy while she at the kitchen cooking with the help of Joy. The latter's baby Nathan is getting bigger the more I see him and he was playing with the other little boy of Flor Jess. Joey came outside to greet Jeff and Dino. He just stayed there for sometime with them. Few hours past some guest of Charles (husband of Ji-ann). Honey and Leone came too. Just a few minutes of their arrival her new friend Nicky and her boyfriend came along. It was a great party. There were lots of cheering and laughters. There was also a moment of spice and made everyone did get some fun as well as others did get surprised.

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