May 27, 2008

The visit

It was a long journey and a sleepless night. The entire duration of the trip was fun and we did see what was expected. Saturday we arrived past 2pm across from my cousins apartment few distance away from the main Hollywood Blvd. We were able to check inside his place a small abode with a $1300 rent two bedroom 2 bath. He lives with his cousin Hazel and her kids. When we were there Hazel was at work but his dad was there. He visit her and baby sit the kids. He will stay for a few days and will get back to Cebu next month. A very typical doing of Filipinos showing hospitality by offering a place to stay no matter how tight the living situation is.

We had lunch at Palm Thai Restaurant in Sunset blvd. The food was great I had ate a lot. Few minutes from there we visit our Aunt and stayed for a few hours. It was so great to see her again. Right after, we went to the newest mall. They call it Americana an upscale mall. It's so crowded like many recently open mall. I wonder if that could be as crowded in the years to come. But I would say it's really a very nice mall. Later on, Hazel arrived her 2 little kids and we had fun chatting and talking. It was a day full of stories to tell.

The following day Sunday. I sent a text for my cousin wondering if we could have breakfast together. He didn't reply and waited for sometime until I can't stand it anymore. Joe and I had our breakfast in Denny's. I called my cousin to give him the message that I will be touring Universal Studio and the rest of the day haven't got any message from until Joe and I were at PF Chang Bistro for our last night dinner I got a call from him. He said sorry for not giving me a ring back for he got so tired yesterday and didn't able to wake up until late in the afternoon. His also working night shift so he couldn't make it to see me. But it was okay and I fully understand him. The previous day with him was absolutely a fun day. I was glad to meet him again after years of losing touch.

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