May 27, 2008

Go for Silk

Last year, my husband and I had marketed our house for sale. We hired a real estate agent to put it together. With the help of the agent, we decorated the house with things that could attract buyers. We had a lot of things that aren’t very necessary and put away some. We had added some few items that enhanced the simplicity of our lay out. One of the items is using
silk plants. We used potted flowers going to the rooms upstairs. It helped to make it very appealing. The decoration of using greenery had made it inviting. It gave a fresh cooling effect. We also used some flowering plants in our front lawn fooling the yard with the very nice decorative plants over the real ones. As well as using some shrubs at the back yard.

The second thing I am up for using silk foliage is during Christmas time. I always love using real Christmas tree. I am very fond of using decorative flowers too to improve the charming attraction to the tree. It’s very easy to use. You just have to put it on the tree in whatever design you can think of. There is no worry of replacing but all you need to do is to clean it with a damp cloth over time. It is much cheaper. You can use it several times and very convenient to use.

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