May 28, 2008

Recently Joined SocialSpark

I have heard several times from friends to join this new site called SocialSpark. I wasn’t too keen in the first glance because of the limited time I have. I can’t spend much time browsing until these few days. I was curious enough to browse the entire site. I have seen familiar faces of members. It pushed me to register. I don’t have any regrets of joining the community. I am thankful that by joining the site I have known few interesting people and will build friendship some more.

What makes it more interesting with SocialSpark is that, not only you can build friendship over time you can also make money out of the opportunities it features. Just few days I was approved, I had grabbed 2 opportunities which offer a better pay than any other paying blogging communities I know. It is very easy to see what opportunities you can get and if there are opening slots you can just make reservation. The customer love will just send you email in correspond whether you have a slot to post your blog. It is very convenient fast and reliable. I am happy and thankful for my friends who encourage me to join. I could have wasted a lot of energy and time looking for a paying blogging site somewhere. Being just a new member of this community, I love it. How can you resist of gaining new friends and at the same time taking opportunities that you can earned some.

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