May 28, 2008

Nice evening

Today I was kind of busy at work. The morning was kind of slow and I almost feel like sleeping. The calls weren't that many so I tried several things to make myself look like being busy. In the afternoon, the letterhead that I was waiting did arrived. So I busied myself printing over 200 proposal letters for the dry cleaners in the area. I was doing the whole thing in the afternoon with it until it can be ready to ship. There are still more letters that I need to get it done tomorrow but it will not be too long.

When I get home, I pressed my clothes, washed some dishes and opened my laptop. I checked all my email account and opened yahoo chat too. Jane then called me while I was chatting with my multiply friends. It was a multi tasking scenario. Later on Leen called too, we had a good time to talk. It is a very pleasant evening where people do care reciprocating your thoughts for them.

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