May 29, 2008

Effective Advertising

I was walking the mall today to get a picture of what’s out there for an evening dress. I am looking for one that I could wear for the upcoming wedding this July. It has been days that I am looking even online I was researching too. I haven’t got to see a style which is simple with good clothing quality, affordable and elegant. There are many designer clothes out there and if only it’s affordable I could not be so mindful of the cost I could have buy it today. I am no impulse buyer. I don’t want to wear a dress for only one time with a huge expense cutting off way much of my wallet.

With what I saw today, if there could be an advertiser from Cache, Ann Taylor, and Bebe might be interested to sponsor my site that could be so wonderful. I love their designs. I wish I could get something from those shops without caring too much on how much I spend. Well, because of the quality product they sale the cost of each item would somehow counterparts the expense of labor cost.

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