May 29, 2008

Walking To Shop

I was at Valley Fair today after work hoping to find a dress that I could buy for the said wedding this coming July. No luck was found. I did see one that I might be interested of buying but I will let Joey buy it for me. I rather him pay it and I will use my money for something else probably a new purse. I went to some few shops found something I might be buying soon. I am not one hundred percent sure yet if I will but I am hoping to get it. I am just like all of you who turned to be so impulsive if there are things which we think could be nicer to own one.

More shopping days to go to check for clothes and tomorrow I will check with Odette. I am hoping we could get into the mall and walk around. I haven't seen her for a long time. It's about time to pay her a visit and do some window shopping or maybe not.

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