May 30, 2008

Life After Glamour

When I visited my cousin Dennis in LA, I got a lot of good points from him. He is my mentor in some way. I looked up to his success. For years we had lost touch, but when I spoke with him 2 years ago the time I arrived here from the Philippines his still the same cool cousin that I know of. Other people would change their lifestyle here and lost their humble beginnings feeling they’re the greatest most achiever. I can’t blame them for all the good opportunities here. You can get what you want here if striving hard is your cup of tea. But at times, it’s quite awkward to see other people bragging to lots of things especially if they never really own nothing.

My cousin was a previous Hotel Manager in Cebu Marriott, became an international consultant for Hotels and came here to the US to manage Beverly Hotel. He got tired of managing the hotel. He believed there is something out there for him. He studied nursing and able to finish the course passed the practical nursing licensure. He left the hotel replacing to manage a pediatrician hospital somewhere in LA. He’s a very workaholic person doing 2 jobs to sustain some “charities” we called it for our family back home.

He missed his glamour life in the Philippines. I remembered him renovating their old house and built his experimental house. When it was done, he gathered so many parties full of champagne and great food catering service. His life was so fabulous that he always travel to ASIA here in the US and other parts of the world. It was the life he missed but when I asked him if he wanted to get back to that kind of life he said no. He said that living a simple now finds him solace and contentment. His happy of what he has and helping others give him great pride. I am so touched with that. For a day to be with him, it gives me some reality to reflect on myself too. How will I build my own contentment in life? A question I am still looking to achieve in the future.


Lulu said...

mao gyud dai, sometimes we have to slow down and reflect. sometimes we don't feel contentment, we always want something no matter what. though its hard to resist but if its for our own good from the eyes of god. char pero true d bah


lagi jud dai, its really good that sometimes you need to hear other people story to reflect on what we do and what are we going to do.