May 18, 2008

Weekend Date

My hubby and I wanted the weekend just to spend our time with ourselves no intervention of other people just the two of us. The coming weeks will be busy for Joey. He will have a new project that his director assigned to him. He needs to do before our trip or if not will do it after the trip. He is not certain to do it after but definitely it's going to be busy for him. That is why this weekend is spent for us.

Yesterday we were looking for some clothes. Sad to say, we didn't accomplish our plan but hoping the coming 3 day weekend we can get what we want. We will going to set it again for that. As for today, I thought I will have the mind to go for shopping and I told Joe just to postpone it for another time. While we were outside to go for our small road trip down to Santa Cruz, it came to my mind to shop to Gilroy. It was kind too late for us to drive down there. The coming weekend might be the best time for shopping. Instead, we took a different route stopped to the light house in Santa Cruz. It was quite windy and breezy. Joe was freezing. He didn't bought a jacket for himself so instead we didn't stay there long. I was thinking we could just stay there and wait for the sun to set. I took some few pictures and decide just to go home after. It wasn't a bad day though. Even how short our time we spend it outside, the thought of us dating was enough to give ourselves some time.

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