May 17, 2008

Wireless Mouse

I crack myself smiling from using the little wireless mouse I have. I’ve been using the laptop for 6 months. I never bother to use the mouse but one time I went to Fry’s electronics with hubby. I saw this tiny little thing I wanted to have it and so we bought it. I tried it once. I didn’t use it again for I don't feel like the hang of it. Now that I am using so much of my time learning to edit pictures using Photoshop, the keys are too painful it kills my time and precision. So today I am using the wireless mouse and it is so funny because I keep on forgetting that I have the mouse plugged in. I would still use my keys that I get a hard time finishing what I am trying to work on. I noticed how big the difference is by not using the mouse over using the keys. Working to edit pictures is much faster.


Lulu said...

mao gyud dai, it helps our works faster. murag korek. hahaha


it really works faster and sorry wala pa nako mabuhat para imoha. basta og may time iha. will do it. wait lang ok?