June 14, 2008

Relaxing day

This morning all I did was writing the task I received from SS. I had 6 of them so I was trying my best to write it all for few hours and I was successful doing it. I was glad Joey went out to check at our house. Our tenant called us middle of the week to informed us about the water dripping downstairs in the kitchen. So he came to check and later find out it was just the air condition condensation makes to have the water drips from where the air flows. Relieved to hear the news he came home satisfied. While me after doing my task, I just read the pocket book I started reading from the job. It's a thrilling book but happen to get irritated with the flow of the story line. I thought it could have a good ending. It was just a bad book. It wasted my time. Anyway, at least I had spared my time to relax and just be at home doing nothing. Tomorrow we will go out maybe shopping and dating again.

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