June 15, 2008

What will you do?

The other day I believe it was Thursday. I came home did all what I need to do and then booted my laptop and turned on the tv. I don't remember the channel but it's a documentary perhaps it could be Discovery. Anyway, the topic was all about the "Curse of the Lottery". Some of them were penniless, in debt, no job and then they won the lottery. They received the money in installment basis. As soon as the money arrived, they indulge themselves with extravagance as far as they can imagine. There was just one that I saw who win but able to manage the money in the right place with the help of a financial adviser.

What if I will win a lotto? What could be my plan with the money that I will be receiving? The first thing that comes to mind is paying in full the 2 house that we are currently paying here in the US. This property will be given to my future kids, provide them with school funds so there's no need for them to worry about their tuitions. As for the remaining money, invest, and enjoy some of it. Not to the point of spending too much. I would say put a limit of the amount to spend per month to month basis. Temptations can be so hard, but to live a life simple just being comfortable is good to have. It will be nice enough not to worry where to look for the money. I would still be doing the things I love doing where it will still be generating income. I don't stop working but I will be working more.


lyn said...

good idea ya, kanus-a pako ka daug ug lotto nga wala man koy duwa duwa ehehehhe good luck

Anonymous said...

Unsa kahay feeling makadaog og Lotto noh? Swerte kau tong nakatesting ba hehe:)

Bill & Gina said...

It is hard to think about what you would do. I would be like you and pay bill and prepare for the future.