June 21, 2008

Replacing the Old

The weather yesterday was steaming my entire body. I was my off from work. I didn't do much but just to phase myself of not doing heavy and make me sweat. After all of the avoidance of sweating, the weather doesn't help. My legs were sweating though my face didn't. It was very uncomfortable day. I took a shower in the afternoon and one in the evening. Still, at night past 12 midnight my husband and I were uneasy in our bed. Our aircon got messed up, the cooling system doesn't work anymore. We tried our best to sleep but all throughout the night we were keep on moving too uncomfortably. The aircon and the fan didn't work we didn't get much sleep.

As I woke up today, I went to the bathroom. I saw a stick on note in the mirror. Husband went out to Home Depot to get a new aircon, he wrote. My husband can't help it anymore. I can't say bad against that because if I didn't get much rest the night before due to heat how much more he felt. I know from experience that it is his requirement to sleep at night with a full blast air. But since I feel uncomfortable with a full blast, he will do it half way to meet up my temperature requirement.

Just 30 minutes from reading the note, I heard a noise from the door where he put the keys on trying to get in. I hurriedly meet him up and I saw him over his shoulder a new aircon. Pity my dear husband. I hope tonight will be better for us. Today, is hotter than yesterday so we are preparing ourselves.

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