June 27, 2008

Unsuccesful Shopping

I had used my 2.15hours vacation time today out of my boss plea. Thrifty! But it's still okay I can use it whenever I want to. Liz and I were given the time today to take an early off. She guide me to coleman at Marshall. It is a new store there. It is nice to shop around with her and I bought a pair of walking sandal that I am going to bring for my trip. Brand from Kenneth Cole, good price and just a simple design. I like it because it is so light. I wanted to bring so light things to avoid checking in my luggage. Also, it is convenient to drag along when taking off from places to places. It was a short time to shop there because Liz wanted to go to costplus. I wanted to go to find some other stores too. She instructed me where to take my road to where I will go and I went to shop alone. It was still a bad day shopping. I didn't find what I was looking for. So I stopped and decide just to have it another time. Maybe tomorrow I will go to the mall and look for something.

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